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"Wallapop" is an internet project that takes as the main source of inspiration pictures of ordinary second-hand objects that are for sale on the Internet homonymous application.

These pictures are taking normally by people that don't have a technical qualification, that's why they use an arbitrary composition of space, the focus is not always correct, lighting is poor... In the end, they are not looking for aesthetics, but they are trying to show the product as it is. These characteristics bring these photos veracity that we don't find on the professional advertisement pictures. On the other hand, they reflect our culture and the use of technology via the internet. 

In "wallapop", I take advantage of resources from the seedy, using humor and irony applied to photos of miniature models that I build. I upload the pictures to the app, I add a description where I specify measurements and anyway, people surprise me asking me for buying, thinking they are natural scale objects.


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