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I am a woman. Performance de Verónica Ruth Frías.

Fotografía Digital en papel Fujifilm.

60 x 85 cm c/u


I participate as a guest in the performance I AM A WOMAN by Veronica Ruth Frias in Casa Sostoa, with a work that recreates the place where it was the first performance from this series, a room from the Hotel Room Mate Larios within the Art&Breakfast Fair program.

The action consisted of several women related to the art in Málaga, went to the room and they got a tattoo with feminist empowering sentences from Veronica's Pink Power project.

This diptych is a fake documentary photograph of the process. It is possible to see the art books that Veronica used in other performance, the computer and printer that were used to edit and print photographs of the action, and a gesture to Hadaly Villasclaras, who also participated with their paintings about fake books about women painters, and to Vanessa Palomo, whose work is camouflaged on the floor as it was in another room that was also commissioned by Pedro Alarcon in the same Fair edition. We have then two photographs that talk about art in several fictional levels recurring to the artworks themselves, making references to them.

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