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The Truth Is Out There

"The Truth Is Out There" is an exhibition project in which we will be able to see different sequences of collages and photographies, all of them inspired in the TV Show "X Files" (Chris Carter 1993-2002). Every photography show spaces created by a model in miniature made out of cardboard, the same material that is used to compose the collages.

The main subject of the pictures it is not shown directly, the truth is behind the camera, out of the picture. I would like to create a reality in miniature based on the fiction of the TV program, with the purpose of make it a fiction again through the camera playing with the point of view and illumination. In order to do that I offer different tours through these tiny spaces where we can see the strangeness in light inside the places. This light modification is what creates the paradoxical similarity in every scene.

The real passing of time is what we can see in these six non-resolved cases, in which I have seen myself involved, gathering data, looking for information that could help me understand about the unheard of each one of them.

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