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Luz de Recorte

"Luz de recorte" is a project that goes back to genre painting through painting itself, but also collage and photography of interiors that we could describe as quotidian or domestic. However, not a single person appears on them, because they do not belong to a reality that could be inhabitated phisically. Their aim is being contemplated as pictures of scenarios, which means places that hold an event.

 The oddness generated by these pictures derive from the original sketch that it is not based on a real place, but previous to the final result, an investigation has been developed by building a model in miniature. First of all, this model is registered in photographies where how the light works on it is studied and then, the model is destroyed. The painting or collage is the outcome of a third-grade fiction, while the model was the first one, and the photography would be the second one.

Speaking of painting and collages, composition plays an important role, sometimes the main character of it is partially out of the frame, making it clear that the true subject here is the two-dimension matter, oil painting or cardboard.

The pictorial intonation allows us to believe it as possible, while other pieces of evidence reveal the contrary and recall us that the only truth stays over the surface of the painting, there is no other space beyond the pictorial space itself.

Therefore, "Luz de recorte" explore the determinants and possibilities of painting, collage, photography, and models in miniature, in order to benefit from the features from every single one of them, and establish a discourse through what each of them provides.


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