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Expediente Torremolinos 2018

The project "Expediente Torremolinos 2018", explores the concepts of fiction and the narrative possibilities of the creation of images from cardboard miniature models inspired on Torremolinos during march 2018 thanks to the II Grant EmerGenT for artistic creation.

So, the hotel where I stayed, a warehouse that is used as a dark room, a stage in a local where transvestites make their shows, or a room of a palace called Casa de los Navajas, become in scenarios of a story whose characters remain out of the scene.

The project is about telling an open story, through photographies of the places and objects found on them. Nevertheless, these places and the love story behind -between two or more people whose identity or characteristics are not revealed, so they could be everyone independently of their sex, nationality, age… Making it possible for everyone to be able to identify with them - are a fiction created by cardboard. In a first glance they could look as clues of a real case, but paying attention to details wecan see that everything is a lie, a game with pieces for the spectator, who can play to fit them in diferent ways.

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